31 Jan 2019 Paris (France)


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Since its founding in 1979, IRAM has been uniting the (sub) millimeter community and has provided France with exceptional instruments for observing the cold Universe. These last 10 years, the capabilities of the 30m telescope and the Plateau de Bure interferometer (now NOEMA) have increased tenfold. Ongoing instrumental developments will significantly increase their capabilities in the coming years. IRAM will present the current possibilities of its two observatories and future developments, as part of a one-day workshop in Paris. The aim is to discuss ambitious French observational programs so as to make the most of these new capabilities and thus fully benefit from the investments performed.

The whole community is invited. In particular, we encourage young people (researchers, post-docs, PhD students) to participate. Our aim is also to widen the audience beyond the regular users of IRAM. We hope that the French research community can present its ideas and advancements, with invited contributions, but also with many short talks (5 minutes), called "flash talks", which will be followed by discussion sessions.

The flash talks aim is to bring an original contribution to the discussion by building upon the results of ongoing projects (millimeter or other wavelength observations, theoretical hyposesis that need to be verified, ...) to come up with new ambitious programs taking advantage of the new capabilities.




 The NOEMA interferometer in 2018 with 10 out of a total of 12 future antennas - credit:F. Gueth/IRAM


The 30m telescope - credit: DiVertiCimes/IRAM

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