31 janv. 2019 Paris (France)


Pdfs of both the book of abstracts (6MB) and the slides (180MB) are available online


9h00-09h30 : Welcome coffee

Chair: Jean-Loup Puget

09h30-09h40: Introduction, Guy Perrin (INSU)

09h40-10h30: IRAM (NOEMA & 30m), Karl Schuster & Frédéric Gueth (IRAM)

10h30-10h35: Chiara Ferrari (SKA-France), SKA/IRAM synergy

10h35-10h45: Thierry Contini (IRAP), MUSE/IRAM synergy

10h45-11h00: Discussion animated by Raphael Moreno and Fabienne Casoli

11h00-11h15: Café

Chair: Nicole Nesvadba

11h15-11h30: Cosmology & SZ, Juan Macias-Pérez (LPSC)

11h30-11h45: Evolution of galaxies and AGN, Françoise Combes (LERMA)

11h45-12h05: 4 Flash-talks of 5 minutes

- Jean-Baptiste Melin (CEA), Le fond diffus cosmologique en haute définition

- Chiara Deugenio (CEA), Dead and Dusty ETGs at z~3

- Hervé Dole (IAS), Towards a NOEMA survey of z>2 protoclusters ?

- Benoit Cerutti (IPAG), Simulations numériques ab-initio de magnétosphères de trous noirs

12h05-12h25: Discussion animated by David Elbaz and Alexandre Beelen 

12h25-13h25: Buffet

Chair: Antoine Gusdorf

13h25-13h40: ISM in nearby galaxies, Annie Hughes (IRAP)

13h40-13h55: ISM structures, Marc-Antoine Miville-Deschênes (AIM)

13h50-14h05: Star formation, Frédérique Motte (IPAG)

14h05-14h40: 7 Flash-talks of 5 minutes

- Philippe Salome (LERMA), Molecular gas in Brightest Cluster Galaxies

- Diane Cormier (CEA), Propriétés du gaz dense et formation d’étoiles dans les galaxies proches avec le programme EMPIRE

- Katharina Lutz  (Strasbourg), Millimeter-centimeter emission excess in nearby galaxies

- Pierre Dell'Ova (LERMA), The molecular cloud interacting with cosmic rays in IC443G

- Julien Montillaud (UTINAM), Colliding filaments in the Monoceros OB 1 molecular cloud

- Maud Galametz (CEA), ALMA, SMA and PdBI interferometric observations observations of the youngest solar-type protostars

- Philippe André (CEA), Searching for pre-brown dwarf cores in nearby starforming clouds with NIKA2 and NOEMA

14h40-15h10 Discussion animated by Karine Demyk and Pierre Guillard

15h10-15h25: Dying star enveloppes, Fabrice Herpin (LAB)

15h25-15h40: Protoplanetary disks and jets, Anne Dutrey (LAB)

15h40-15h55 café

Chair: Maryvonne Gerin

15h55-16h10: Astrochemistry (dust and molecules) and its link with exobiology, Charlotte Vastel (IRAP)

16h10-16h30: 4 Flash-talks of 5 minutes

- Miguel Montarges (Leuven), Reconstruction 3D de l’environnement de la supergéante rouge μ Cep à partir d’observations NOEMA de la raie CO J = 2-1

- Victor deSouza (IRAM), A survey of the HCN and HNC C and N isotopic ratios in nearby star formation regions

- Eleonora Bianchi (IPAG), Hot corino aging: molecular complexity and deuteration towards the Class I source SVS13-A

- Marta de Simone (IPAG), Complex Organics in the NGC 1333 IRAS 4A Outflows

16h30-16h50: Discussion animated by Agnès Lebre and Cecilia Ceccarreli

16h50-17h05: Disque de débris, Jean-François Lestrade (LERMA)

17h05-17h20: Solar system, Nicolas Biver (LESIA)

17h20-17h30: 2 Flash-talks of 5 minutes

- Thibault Cavalie (LAB), Long-term monitoring and chemical inventory in Jupiter and Saturn's atmospheres

- Lea Bonnefoy (LATMOS), Probing the subsurface of Iapetus two faces

17h30-17h40: Discussion animated by Thierry Fouchet and Emmanuel Lellouche

17h40-18h00: Conclusions

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